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Ending the week with a profit can be very challenging in the restaurant industry. I have immense respect for the challenging, demanding, incredible, and somewhat unconventional work that chefs and restaurant owners undertake, so I make it a point to be fair and transparent in my dealings. I provide a range of personalized package options to cater to your specific requirements and budget. These photography packages are crafted to elegantly display the distinct character and unique essence of your establishment. Whether you require a few photos or comprehensive coverage of every aspect of your business, my commitment is to ensure your contentment and establish a lasting partnership. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I firmly believe in nurturing a culture
of fairness and respect.

The suggestions provided for the photographs below are flexible and not set in stone. You have the freedom to select additional food photos, interior shots, or any other type of image beyond what is mentioned. We welcome variations in the quantity of each image type. Additionally, please remember that you will receive all the edited photos for your own use on your website, social media, advertising, promotions, and media inquiries.


Image Packages

Please contact photographer for rates of these packages

The Appetizer

7 shots:
4 food plates
1 exterior image
1 portrait

I shoot a number of angles for each plate you select.

The Hor d’Oerves

11 shots:
6 food plates
1 drink
2 interiors of restaurant
1 exterior
1 Chef portrait.

The Dinner

15 shots:
8 food shots
2 drink images
2 interiors
1 exterior
2 portraits

The Whole Enchilada

Total coverage:
10 food shots
2 drinks images
2 dessert images; Exteriors and Interiors from many angles; Shots with people dining, staff serving, chefs working; portrait of 1 or 2 chefs. 

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